Video – Animation – Editing
Video – Animation – Editing


After graduating from Northern Kentucky University in 2009 with a bachelors degree in Electronic Media and Broadcasting, and having won the Department Recognition Award for my graduating class, I worked several PA jobs; from local movie productions to national TV productions for commercials and shows. After a year of working at the Florence Freedom minor league baseball games as Technical Director, Replay Operator, and Graphics Operator, I landed a job as Programming Coordinator at Campbell Media (Community Access Television for Campbell County Kentucky). I’m responsible for data entry, media ingestion, organization, scheduling, and playback of 40+ recurring shows over four cable TV channels broadcasting through two cable providers (Spectrum and Cincinnati Bell) to a county of over 92,000 residents.

I developed training courses and teach the public on video recording and editing programs, along with creating live graphics and overlays for live television broadcasts for government meetings, election coverage, sporting events, concerts, and more. In addition to directing and managing most live productions, I also manage and research equipment to be purchased to help keep video production/post production gear and playback servers up to date.

Outside of my full-time job, I also work as a freelancer for local companies and clients. I have been a wedding videographer for over 8 years now, having done over 65 weddings. I pride myself on five star reviews, and always work with clients to make sure they are happy and get a final product they’re proud to have. Aside from the weddings, I also work with local companies to help produce online promotional or instructional videos for in-house use. I’ve worked with Graeters, Concepts in Hearing, and United Performance Metals, and many more. I talk with the clients to help find out what their needs are, and deliver affordable, well produced video/animated projects to help their businesses grow.

I really enjoy creating content. Whether it’s a video, photo, animation or audio project, I thrive on delivering satisfying work for both my clients and myself.